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The application for the management of your car fleet!

Now you can buy vignettes for all your vehicles from the same place. You organize yourself and get rid of fines and high costs related to toll machines.


How does Tollster work? – all your vehicles in one place

Add company data and vehicles

After accessing the application, enter your company details for invoicing. You register your vehicles in the app, buy the vignettes and you're ready to go!

You pay the vignette for each vehicle

For each vehicle, payment is made quickly and easily, directly in the app. Once the payment is confirmed, the vignette becomes valid and you can worry about fines.

Check the status of the vignettes with a single click

Access the information on each individual vehicle at any time, with a single click in the application. You can rest easy because you are notified when a vignette is about to expire.


Why Tollster? The #1 app for purchasing vignettes in Europe!

  • You have information about the vignettes of all European countries
  • You can buy vignettes directly from the app in 15 countries
  • You save a lot of time wasted in queues
  • You receive invoices in the application and by email
  • You can manage all your vehicles in one place
  • See the status of the vignettes for each vehicle in the application
  • Payment is quick and easy
  • Get rid of road equipment expenses

Easier management of vignettes

  • You optimize the entire process of payment of vignettes
  • Avoid the worries and fines of vignettes
  • You keep a clear record of your costs
  • Invoices are generated in the application and by email

Tollster - buying vignettes is easier than ever!

The countries for which you can purchase the vignette in Tollster are: Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland.

We simplify the purchase of vignettes

The process of purchasing vignettes can be difficult and time-consuming, especially when you own a large number of vehicles. We simplify your work, and through Tollster you can purchase, without additional stress, vignettes in more than 15 European countries, for all your cars!

How Tollster works