Belgium vignette
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Vehicles under 3.5 T

If your next destination is Belgium, you must be informed about the tolls related to the Belgium vignette.

A very good news if you travel by personal car is that you will be exempted from paying the Belgium vignette! Payment of the Belgium road tax is only required for vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes. So, if you are traveling with a car weighing less than 3.5 tonnes, you will not have to pay a vignette to drive on Belgian roads.

Vehicles under 3.5 T are free to drive in Belgium and therefore do not need to purchase any kind of Belgium vignette to drive on the country’s roads.

However, you will have to pay the Liefkenshoek Bridge toll if you have a route to cross this bridge. This is the car tax Belgium you will need to pay.

The tunnel is 1.37 km long and the user fee is determined according to the vehicle category.

Belgium vignette

This Belgium road tax has to be paid at the toll booth on the road section of the tunnel, so you don’t need to stress ahead to buy a ticket.

For vehicles under 3 meters high, the fee starts at 4 EUR for those with a subscription, 5.6 EUR for those paying by card and 7 EUR for those paying directly at the terminal.

If you want to find out all the details about the fees requested by the tunnel operator, you can access this link.

Vehicles over 3.5 T

Belgium vignette for trucks

In Belgium, drivers of vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes are required to purchase a Belgium vignette to drive on the country’s roads.

The categories for which the Belgium vignette applies are:

➢ Heavy goods vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of more than 3.5 tonnes;
➢ N1 category semi-trailer tractors with body code BC, regardless of their weight (from January 1, 2018).

In addition to the Belgium vignette, truck drivers will also have to pay the Belgium road tax for the Liefkenshoek tunnel toll.

Starting in 2016, Belgium introduced the ViaPass system, replacing the previous Eurovignette system.

To comply with this obligation, all vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes must be equipped with an OBU (On Board Unit).

The purpose of this OBU device is to record the kilometers traveled and calculate the amount required for payment, taking into account the region of Belgium, the weight of the vehicle and the pollution class.

Fitting this device is quick and mandatory to avoid high fines in Belgium for non-payment of tolls.

Belgium vignette

Toll device OBU – ViaPass

To purchase the Belgium vignette, you will need to purchase the OBU device from the special vending machines installed on the territory of Belgium or from the country’s customs points.

These points of sale are intended both for the collection of the OBU device and for its return at the completion of the route through Belgium. Thus, throughout your journey on the roads of Belgium, you must have the OBU device on board, and at the end of the journey you can easily return it to any of the available sales points.

Find out more details by accessing this link.

Do you need help to obtain the toll device? Contact us!

Belgium vignette price

În Belgia, sistemul OBU te va taxa automat în funcție de regiunea în care călătorești, clasa de poluare a vehiculului și greutatea mașinii tale.

Prețurile diferă, însă este important să ai în vedere costurile aferente călătoriei tale.

The full list with all the prices will be found here.

You can calculate the price for your vehicle here.

Belgium tunnel taxes

A user fee applies for the Liefkenshoek tunnel in Belgium. The toll is levied depending on the vehicle category and the length of the tunnel, which is 1.37 km long.

To pass through the tunnel, drivers must pay the toll at the toll station located on the road section of the tunnel. This is an additional charge to the Belgium vignette and must be paid separately when using the tunnel.

Tolls for this bridge for vehicles larger than 3.5 T start from 4 EUR and can reach up to 22 EUR, depending on the category and time of transit.

Enter here to find more information about the taxes of this tunnel and a list of prices.


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