Road tax Russia
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Vehicles under 12 T

Road tax Russia

If you drive a vehicle with a maximum authorized mass of less than 12 tons, you will have to pay the road tax Russia at toll booths located on federal roads.

Each toll station is marked accordingly, and at each toll point you will find a complete table with the prices of the road tax for the different types of vehicles.

Here are some examples of tolls for certain highways in Russia:

  • M1 Belarus: the toll for cars is approximately 38 RON during the day and approximately 2 RON during the night;
  • M3 Ukraine: for cars, the toll varies between 4 RON and 8.5 RON, and for commercial vehicles, between 5 RON and 11 RON;
  • M4 Don: for cars, the toll varies between 115 RON and 174 RON, and for commercial vehicles, between 145 RON and 208 RON;
  • M11 Neva: the toll for cars varies between 7 RON and 167 RON, depending on the road section, being more expensive near Moscow. For commercial vehicles, prices vary between 162 RON and 180 RON;
  • A113: represents the central road ring for the Moscow region;

To find out the exact toll price for any highway and starting point or destination, you can access an online toll calculator that will provide you with the necessary information. Regardless of the highway you choose, you will be able to calculate the price of the toll in advance, so that you can properly prepare for the trip.

Check all Russian toll booths here.

You can find a full map with the roads and calculate the tolls Russia here.

Road tax Russia

Fine road tax Russia

If you have not paid the road tax in Russia, you will receive a fine of 5000 Russian rubles. If you repeat and commit the same offense of not paying the road tax, the fine will double, reaching 10,000 Russian rubles.

Vehicles over 12 T

Road tax Russia

If you carry out a transport in Russia with a vehicle with a maximum authorized mass of more than 12 tons, you have two options for paying the road tax:

  1. Payment by ticket: To pay tolls for federal roads, you can pay in cash or by card directly at the toll stations located and signposted on the toll road. At each toll point, you will find a complete list of prices for your vehicle category. To find out more details and access the complete list of toll points, you can consult the authorities’ website.
  2. Payment by OBU (on-board unit): If you frequently make shipments in Russia, the option of mounting an on-board unit (OBU) is much more cost-effective. To get OBUs, you need to register on the Platon platform. During registration, you will be required to submit the following documents to the Russian authorities (valid for companies from another country):
  • Passport of the authorized representative of the company;
  • Vehicle registration certificate;
  • Company registration number (head office);
  • Fiscal registration certificate / CUI.

Note that these documents must be translated into Russian and notarized to be accepted for Russian tolls.

After registration and confirmation from the Russian authorities, you will be able to install the OBU on your vehicle and benefit from a more efficient and faster way to pay road tax during transportation in Russia.

Go here for other additional information.

Road tax Russia

Fine for road tax Russia

If you did not have a working OBU, you will be subject to fines:

  1. First offense: Fine of 5000 Russian rubles;
  2. Repeated violations: Fine of 10,000 Russian rubles.

It is important to ensure that you have paid the road tax in advance or that you have and use the OBU correctly to avoid these fines.


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