Latvian vignette
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Vehicles under 3.5 T

Latvian vignette free

We have good news for you, in Latvia, cars and small vehicles are not required to purchase the Latvian vignette or pay other road taxes.

This means that you can drive worry-free on the roads of Latvia and enjoy your trip to this country.

Latvian vignette

Do I need to pay other taxes than Latvian vignette?

Nu, nu trebuie să plătești nici o taxă dacă alegi să mergi cu vehiculul tău în Letonia. Atenție doar, vehiculul tău trebuie să aibă masa maximă autorizată de 3.5 tone, pentru a fi scutit de vignetă Letonia.

So, you can hit the road without any worries, and if you want to know about the road taxes related to other countries in Europe, go here.

Vehicles over 3.5 T

How do I buy Latvian vignette?

In Latvia, heavy vehicles with a maximum authorized weight of more than 3.5 tonnes must use the vignette system.

If you own such a vehicle, you will be required to purchase the Latvia vignette online. The online purchase process is simple and we will provide you with all the necessary information below.

The easiest and fastest way to buy Latvia vignette online is through the Tollster app. You download the application, select the country, enter the vehicle data and pay with the bank card, directly in the application. You can purchase vignettes for several countries or for several vehicles and go on your travels without any problems!

Another alternative is given by the following steps:

  1. Access the online platform for purchasing the Latvian vignette;
  2. Select the option corresponding to your vehicle, as well as the desired validity period;
  3. Complete the vehicle details, including registration number and other requested information;
  4. Pay for the Latvia vignette using one of the payment options available on the online platform;
  5. After completing the payment, you will receive the Latvia vignette in electronic format;
  6. Keep your payment confirmation for the duration of your trip;

It is important to carefully check the information provided by the online purchase platform and ensure that you have filled in all the details correctly. Compliance with the obligation to purchase the Latvian vignette is essential to avoid fines and to travel in accordance with the legislation in force.

Latvian vignette

Latvian vignette via SMS

The process of purchasing Latvian vignette via SMS is quick and easy to implement, giving you a practical solution the moment you hit the roads in Latvia.

All you have to do is send a message and you will receive payment confirmation immediately, allowing you to drive with peace of mind without worrying about possible fines.

To use this system, follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account here;
  2. Enter your vehicle data;
  3. Add your phone number;
  4. Load an amount of money into your account as a deposit;
  5. Whenever you drive on the roads of Latvia, send an SMS according to the instructions and you will be able to drive peacefully on the roads;

Latvian vignette price

The tax for the Latvia vignette is calculated individually for each vehicle weighing more than 3.5 tons, depending on the following criteria:

  1. Gross vehicle weight (GVW) – this is the maximum permitted weight of the vehicle, including the load.
  2. Number of vehicle axles – vignette fees may vary according to the number of vehicle axles, as this aspect reflects the level of impact of the vehicle on the road infrastructure.
  3. Emission level – the vignette tax can also be influenced by the vehicle’s emission level, according to the emission standards set by the Latvian authorities.

You can find all the details regarding the prices here. Thus, you will be able to calculate the approximate costs of your trip, in order to be prepared in time.

Can I use a toll device to pay Latvian vignette?

Latvia does not have a toll booth, so you will need to choose either the online payment option or the SMS payment option.

This should not be a problem for you, because Latvian vignette payment methods are affordable and easy to implement.


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