Macedonia highway toll system
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Macedonia highway tolls

The Macedonia highway toll system is typical and used in several countries.

In Macedonia, an open payment system is used, which means that you will pay at the toll booths on the highway according to the category of your vehicle and the number of kilometers driven.

Macedonia has a highway network with a total length of 242 km, out of a total of 14,182 km of public roads. Motorway tolls apply to all motorway segments.

Next, we will present you the categories of vehicles, the costs and the payment methods of the Macedonian highway toll.

Macedonia highway toll system

Vehicle category for Macedonia highway tolls

Tolling for the Macedonia highway toll depends on the class of vehicle you own. There are 3 main categories according to which you will have to purchase Macedonia highway tolls:

  1. Class 1: Vehicles with an overall height of up to 1.3 meters.
  2. Class 2: Vehicles with an overall height between 1.3 and 2.7 meters.
  3. Class 3: Vehicles with an overall height greater than 2.7 meters.

The rates for each category will be different, and the Macedonia highway tolls payment is made according to these vehicle classes. It is important to take into account the class of your vehicle when purchasing a vignette to travel on Macedonian highways.

Macedonia highway tolls price

One of the significant advantages of vignettes in Macedonia is that their cost is relatively low compared to other European countries.

Below you can find indicative prices for the Macedonia vignette:

Pay stationHighway 
RomanovceA1: Kumanovo-MiladinovciMKD 40 (0,50 €)MKD 60 (1,00 €)MKD 80 (1,50 €)
SopotA1: Petrovec-VelesMKD 50 (1,00 €)MKD 80 (1,50 €)MKD 120 (2,00 €)
StobiA1: Veles-GradskoMKD 40 (0,50 €)MKD 60 (1,00 €)MKD 100 (2,00 €)
GevgelijaA1: Gradsko-GevgelijaMKD 60 (1,00 €)MKD 100 (2,00 €)MKD 160 (3,00 €)
KadrifakovoA2: Stip-Sveti NikolaMKD 30 (0,50 €)MKD 50 (1,00 €)MKD 80 (1,50 €)
PorojaA2: Sveti Nikole-MiladinovciMKD 40 (0,50 €)MKD 70 (1,50 €)MKD 100 (2,00 €)
MiladinovciA2: Miladinovci-SkopjeMKD 20 (0,50 €)MKD 40 (1,00 €)MKD 60 (1,00 €)
ActorieA2: Skopje-TetovoMKD 20 (0,50 €)MKD 40 (1,00 €)MKD 60 (1,00 €)
ZjelinoA2: Skopje-TetovoMKD 20 (0,50 €)MKD 40 (1,00 €)MKD 60 (1,00 €)
TetovoA2: Tetovo-GostivarMKD 20 (0,50 €)MKD 30 (0,50 €)MKD 40 (1,00 €)
GostivarA2: Tetovo-GostivarMKD 20 (0,50 €)MKD 30 (0,50 €)MKD 40 (1,00 €)
PetrovecA4: Skopje-PetrovecMKD 20 (0,50 €)MKD 40 (1,00 €)MKD 50 (1,00 €)

How can I pay Macedonia highway tolls

Toll payment in North Macedonia can be made both in cash using the local currency (MKD) and by credit cards.

Euros are also accepted in cash, including €1 and €2 coins as well as 50 cents. However, 10 and 20 cent coins are not accepted.

For currency exchange, both local currency and Euro can be used. However, it is recommended to use the local currency as Euro rates are fixed and require conversion to the central bank rate, which can result in 10-15% higher costs than paying in local currency.

Macedonia highway toll system

Pay station map for Macedonia highway tolls

To orient yourself effectively regarding the route and distances on the highways, you can consult the map with the toll stations available here.

It is recommended to plan your route in advance and take into account all related costs in order to travel in an organized manner and without unpleasant surprises.

Vehicles over 3.5 T

And trucks pay the Macedonia vignette just like vehicles with a maximum authorized mass below 3.5 T, that is, through an open payment system on Macedonian highways.

Check the section of vehicles under 3.5 T and you will find all the information you need to travel smoothly on Macedonian roads.


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