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Vehicles under 12 T

Road Tax Netherlands

If you choose the Netherlands as a tourist destination and travel with your car, you will have a great advantage, because you do not have to pay the road tax Netherlands. This means that you can travel on public roads, motorways and expressways in the Netherlands completely free of charge.

There are two exceptions, however: the Dordtse Kill tunnel and the Westerschelde tunnel, for which tolls apply. We will provide more details about these fees below.

In general, driving your car in the Netherlands is easy and stress-free about purchasing a vignette or other road tax Netherlands. You can enjoy the beauty of the country without worrying about additional costs for the roads you travel.

Road tax netherlands

Other car tax Netherlands

Even if cars are exempt from paying the road tax Netherlands, the country’s 2 important tunnels are managed by private companies and therefore, it is necessary to pay some taxes.

Westerschelde tunnel prices

Motorcycle2,5 Euro
Cars up to 6 m long and up to 3 m high5 Euro

Dordse Kill tunnel prices

Cars up to 2.3 meters high2 Euro

Vehicles over 12 T

Road tax Netherland for trucks

If you drive a truck with a total weight of more than 12 tons, you will have to purchase a Netherlands vignette and pay the road tax Netherlands to drive..

However, there is good news: the vignette you purchase is valid not only in the Netherlands, but also in other European countries, such as Denmark, Sweden and Luxembourg, regardless of the country you bought it from. This brings an additional benefit to drivers, as they can drive without having to pay additional taxes in these countries.

Road tax Netherlands at sales points

If you arrive in the Netherlands and didn’t have the opportunity to purchase the Netherlands vignette online beforehand, you don’t have to worry.

You can buy it directly at specially set up sales points at the border or at gas stations. Thus, you will be able to continue your journey without encountering problems and without being penalized for not having the vignette.

Road tax Netherlands

Road tax Netherlands online

By purchasing the Netherlands vignette online, you will avoid the need to physically stick it on the window of your truck. The vignette will be registered in the database, eliminating any stress related to road taxes in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Luxembourg.

It is important to note that you must purchase the Netherlands vignette in advance, as retroactive payment is not accepted. Thus, you will be able to travel peacefully without worrying about road taxes and without the risk of receiving fines for not having a vignette.

The Tollster app offers you a convenient solution to quickly purchase a Lithuania vignette online. In just 4 simple steps, you can have a vignette to drive in the Netherlands:

  1. Download the app for free on your device.
  2. You select the country for which you want to buy vignette, in this case, Netherlands vignette.
  3. Fill in the vehicle data and billing data.
  4. You pay quickly with your card through the application.

Your data will be saved in the app for future purchases, and you will be able to check the status of the vignette and receive notifications before it expires. Thus, you will be able to travel worry-free on the roads of Netherlands, knowing that you have a valid vignette and that you will avoid any inconveniences related to road taxes.

Another way to pay the road tax Netherlands can be found here.

Road tax Netherlands price

The price of the Netherlands vignette may vary depending on the period and the number of axles of the vehicle.

The Netherlands vignette for one day has a fixed price of 12 euros.

For vehicles with EURO 6, with 1-3 axles, prices start from 750 euros for a one-year validity.

The highest price applies to trucks with EURO 0, with 4 axles, which can reach up to 1250 euros for a one-year validity.

If you want to calculate in advance the tax you will pay, you can use this calculator to get the correct information.

Other road tax Netherlands

Westerschelde tunnel prices

Vehicles with a length of more than 6 m and a height of up to 3 m (caravans)7,45 Euro
Cars up to 12 m long and over 3 m high18,20 Euro
Trucks25 Euro

Dordse Kill tunnel prices

Category Price
Vehicles with a height of more than 2.3 meters5 Euro

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