denmark road tolls
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Vehicles under 12 T

One of the great advantages of driving in Denmark is that cars and small vehicles are exempt from paying the Denmark toll roads. So you can drive smoothly on Denmark’s roads and enjoy transit without the stress of tolls.

However, it is important to pay close attention to the toll charged when using bridges in Denmark. These Denmark bridge tolls are applied separately and must be paid to cross certain bridges in the country.

denmark toll roads

Denmark bridge tolls

Fares for using the Øresund Bridge and the Storebælt Bridge vary depending on the vehicle category you own.

These bridges use a closed toll system, which means you will need to purchase the appropriate toll for your vehicle upon entering the bridge.

To find out exactly the toll you will pay, you can access the official Storebælt Bridge calculator here.

The Øresund Bridge is the longest road-rail bridge in Europe and connects Denmark to Sweden, with a length of 16 km and connecting two cities from two different countries. Pricing information for this bridge can be found here.

Vehicles over 12 T

Denmark toll roads

Denmark has an extensive road toll network, which is monitored by mobile cameras and field inspectors.

The motorway network is approximately 1000 km long, and the obligation to pay the Eurovignette, intended for the Danish motorway toll, only applies to heavy vehicles with a maximum authorized mass of more than 12 tonnes.

In the case of Denmark bridge tolls, such as the 7.85 km Øresund Bridge and the 18 km Storebælt Bridge, the appropriate tolls are paid at the entrance to the road section for all drivers of vehicles participating in traffic.

In the situation where the related fees are not paid, a penalty notice is issued and a fine must be paid on the spot in the event of an inspection.

Denmark toll roads

In the case of heavy vehicles with a mass of more than 12 tons, you will need to purchase a Denmark vignette.

An advantage is that the Denmark vignette is electronic, so you don’t have to traditionally stick it on the windshield.

However, you have to be careful, because in the case of bridges in Denmark, such as the Øresund Bridge and the Storebælt Bridge, tolls also apply that are not included in the Eurovignette payment.

I will explain how you can purchase the Denmark vignette online and what its price is, but also how you can pay the tolls for using the bridges.

denmark toll roads

Denmark toll roads price

You can choose the validity of the Denmark toll roads for a period between a minimum of one day and a maximum of one year.

The price of the vignette differs according to the following aspects:

  1. The number of axles of the vehicle
  2. Period of validity
  3. Vehicle pollution class

For the Denmark vignette valid for one day, regardless of the characteristics of the vehicle, the rate is 12 euros.

In the case of purchasing the vignette for one month, the prices start from 75 Euros for EURO 0 vehicles with 1-3 axles and 235 Euros for EURO 0 vehicles with 4 axles, and they can reach up to 140 Euros for EURO 6 vehicles with 1-3 axles.

To see the full price list for heavy vehicles, enter here.

Denmark toll roads online

To purchase the Denmark vignette, you must complete the following information:

  1. The country where your vehicle is registered.
  2. Registration number, exactly as in the registration certificate, with all spaces included.
  3. The number of axles of the vehicle.
  4. Vehicle pollution norm.

After making the payment, which is done in Euros, it is essential to carefully check the online payment confirmation of the Denmark vignette to ensure that your car has been registered in the correct database and that you will not encounter any problems on the roads in Denmark.

The fastest way to pay online for the Denmark toll roads is through the Tollster app, through which you can pay the vignettes for 15 European countries. You download the application, fill in the vignette data and make the payment quickly, with the bank card. Everything is done directly in the application, and the Denmark vignette remains saved so that you can check the validity period at any time.

Fares for the Øresund Bridge and the Storebælt Bridge vary depending on the vehicle category you own.

The payment system of these bridges is closed, which means that you will have to purchase the toll for your vehicle when entering each individual bridge.

To find out exactly how much you will have to pay, you can access the official Storebælt Bridge calculator.

The Øresund Bridge, being the longest railway road bridge in Europe, connects Denmark with Sweden over a distance of 16 km, thus uniting two cities from two different countries. Prices for crossing this bridge can be found here.


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