Germany vignette
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Vehicles under 7.5 T

One of the significant advantages of Germany is that if you are traveling with your own car or a vehicle under 7.5 T, there is no need to buy a Germany vignette, as driving on German roads is free for cars.

If you are a tourist and drive your own car in Germany, you can enjoy stress-free traffic and save money on vignettes or other road taxes.

Germany vignette

Vehicles over 7.5 T

Germany toll roads map

In Germany, a toll is charged for heavy vehicles weighing at least 7.5 tonnes. This Germany vignette applies to all highways, including gas stations and parking lots, as well as federal roads and some township roads, which are part of an extensive road network of more than 51,000 km.

To see the map of Germany toll roads and to learn more about the payment system and rates, you can enter here.

This Germany vignette can be paid both online, through an electronic system, and physically, at authorized points of sale. With these payment methods, drivers can ensure that their vehicles are in good condition and can drive smoothly on Germany’s roads while complying with truck toll legislation.

Germany vignette online

To purchase a Germany vignette online, you must create an account on the official website of the German authorities.

Thus, you can pre-pay the Germany vignette with a connection no more than 24 hours before using the motorways. For this online payment, you can use a credit card or a fuel card, both of which are quick and convenient ways.

Also here, you have other payment options available, such as bank transfer, direct debit through the toll collect service, or using bank or fleet cards. So it’s easy to buy Germany Autobahn vignette.

Attention: payment is made in euros!

With these payment options, you can be sure that you are fine and can drive on Germany’s highways without problems, avoiding fines.

Germany vignette

Germany vignette at sales points

There are two options for physically paying the Germany toll roads for using the motorways in Germany: by means of a toll card or by means of a portable payment device (Pkw-Maut).

Maut payment cards are available in several variants, depending on the type of vehicle you own and the desired period of validity. These cards can be purchased at maut outlets or online through the official maut website. Once you have bought a toll card, you must attach it to your vehicle’s windscreen and activate it before using the motorways.

Portable payment devices (Pkw-Maut) are available for all types of vehicles and can be purchased at maut sales points or online. These devices must be attached to the windshield of the vehicle and must be activated before using the highways. Payments are made via a credit card or bank account linked to the device. Both options offer a convenient and efficient way to pay the tolls Germany for using the motorways in Germany.

Here you can find a complete list of terminals for payment of German vignettes.

Germany vignette price

The price for the Germany vignette differs depending on the vehicle category, the costs for the highway infrastructure, the pollution standard and the share for the noise pollution.

For a full list of prices, visit this link.

Fine Germany vignette

If you do not pay the Germany vignette tax and you are a carrier, you will be subject to a considerable fine, which can reach up to 20,000 euros.

It is essential to be well informed and to pay the proper tolls in each country you cross in order to avoid possible penalties or legal problems. We recommend that you inform yourself in advance about the specific requirements and taxes for each country and carefully plan your route for a stress-free trip in accordance with the applicable legislation.


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