Slovakian Vignette
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Vehicle under 3.5 T

Where do I need Slovakian vignette?

In Slovakia, the Slovakian vignette applies to specific sections of highways or expressways. Regardless of vehicle size, drivers of small cars, coaches and trucks plying these routes must pay the appropriate toll.

Basically, you only need to purchase a Slovakia vignette for certain sections of the road, namely:

D1 Dubná Skala – Turany17 km
D1 Ivachnová – Prešov, West143 km
D1 Prešov, Petrovany – Bidovce35 k
D2 Brodské (SK / CZ) – Bratislava, Lamač55 k
D2 Bratislava, Jarovce – Čunovo9 km
D3 Hričovské Podhradie – Žilina, Brodno13 km
Čadca, Bukov – Skalité21 km
D4 Jarovce (SK / AT) – Bratislava, Jarovce2 km
D4 Bratislava, South – Ivanka, West15.1 km
R1 Trnava – Ban. Bystrica, Kremnička158 km
R1A Nitra, West – Nitra, Kynek2 km
R2 Lovčica, Trubín – Žiar nad Hronom5 km
R2 Zvolen, West – Zvolen, Center3 km
R2 Zvolen, East – Kriváň18 km
R4 Košice, South – Milhosť14 km
 R6 Púchov, South – Dolné Kočkovce1 km
R7 Bratislava, South – Holice25.2 km

See more information here.

Vignette Slovakia online

You have the option to very easily purchase the Slovakian vignette for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, both online and physically, at the same price. However, purchasing the Slovakian vignette online is even simpler and more convenient.

The easiest and fastest way to buy a Slovakian vignette online is through the Tollster app. You download the application, select the country, enter the vehicle data and pay with the bank card, directly in the application. You can purchase vignettes for several countries or for several vehicles and go on your travels without any problems!

To buy your online vignette or e-vignette for Slovakia, go to this website, which is available in 5 languages, including English, to make your payment process easier.

The steps for obtaining the Slovakia vignette are as follows:

  1. Go to the “e-vignette payment” section to pay the vignette Slovakia online;
  2. Select the number of vehicles for which you want a vignette;
  3. You choose the period for which you want the vignette in Slovakia;
  4. Fill in the date from which the Slovakia vignette is valid (you can opt for automatic renewal for the vignette for 1 year) and the vehicle’s registration number;
  5. Enter your e-mail address to receive the Slovakia vignette and make the payment by card or bank transfer (if you also choose the mobile option, you will receive the vignette there as well);
  6. You receive confirmation by e-mail – a PDF with the Slovakia vignette that you can print – and, optionally, an SMS on your mobile.
Slovakian Vignette

Sales points for Slovakian vignette

You can purchase a vignette Slovakia at petrol stations, border crossing machines and selected sales points.

Identifying the physical places where you can buy the Slovakian vignette is not difficult. However, once you’ve got the vignette, you need to pay attention to how you use it.

Why? Because the physically purchased vignette must be applied to the windshield. It is a sticker that you have to stick in as visible a place as possible. For example, a suitable place for the vignette in Slovakia might be at the top right of the windshield. By making sure it’s in place correctly, you’ll be in compliance with legal requirements and be able to travel smoothly.

Slovakia vignette price

The price for the Slovakia vignette depends on the vehicle category and the period selected. Thus, the related prices are:

Slovakian vignette10 days30 days365 days1 year
Under 3,5 tonns14.40 euro20.40 euro70.50 euro70.50 euro*

*is valid from the date of purchase until January 31 of the following year

Fine Slovakian vignette

If you drive your car on road sections where a Slovakia vignette is required and you choose not to pay the tax requested by the Slovak authorities, you will pay a fine of up to EUR 500.

We recommend that you pay attention to the roads you drive on and purchase the Slovakia vignette if needed, so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises on your trip.

Vehicles over 3.5 T

How do I pay Slovakian vignette?

Trucks need to install the tolling device approved by the Slovak authorities, called OBU (on-board unit), on board the car.

To get it, once you arrive in Slovakia, you need to head to the nearest gas station or border crossing point and purchase an OBU. You will have to pay the guarantee of 50 euros. This device will be fitted to your vehicle.

Once installed, the OBU will calculate the road tax corresponding to your car in Slovakia. To get an idea of the amount you will pay, you can perform a simulation before you travel.

Slovakian Vignette

Toll device payment options

You have two options for paying road tax in Slovakia: you can estimate the route you will travel in advance and purchase a prepaid vignette, or pay at the end, when you know the exact amount.

For the prepaid version, you must pay a minimum amount of 50 euros. If in the end it turned out that you spent less than you initially estimated, you will receive the rest in cash if the amount is less than 100 euros, or by card if it exceeds this amount.

The calculation of the Slovakian vignette involves several factors such as the category of the vehicle, the type of road you drive on (motorway, expressway, roads of different categories), the distance traveled, the number of axles and the emission class.

If you are only transiting through Slovakia to another destination, you can purchase a transit ticket valid for 18 road sections, for 18 hours. Thus, you avoid paying the warranty for the OBU and the prepaid road tax of at least 50 euros.

If you want to know more about the costs related to vehicles over 3.5 tons, you can find additional information here.

Fine Slovakia vignette

If you haven’t installed the OBU device on board or it doesn’t work, or you haven’t paid a transit ticket instead, you risk a penalty of between EUR 1655 and EUR 2655.

Be very careful and drive carefully, it’s not worth risking a fine.


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