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Vehicles under 3.5 T

Vignette Sticker UK for highway

The advantage in England is that the only motorway that pays the England Toll is the M6 Toll, so you will only pay the Vignette UK on this section of road.

You have to be careful though! Tolls apply for crossing bridges and tunnels, as well as tolls for traffic in London and Durham, which we will provide you with detailed information on below.

Attention! You will need to access a visa for travelling in UK. For full guide in getting a visa UK, access the official website of UK gov.

vignette uk

Vignette UK price

To pay the motorway toll in England, the price is calculated according to the following criteria:

  • Vehicle type
  • Number of wheels and axles
  • Height to first axle
  • Time of day or week
  • Distance traveled (full or partial)

To pay the motorway toll in England, you have three payment options:

  1. M6toll TAG
  2. Cards (credit and debit cards or fuel cards)
  3. Contactless card.

To find out the price list for the M6 Toll in England, go to this link.

Other road taxes in UK

Taxes tunnels and bridges

Find out what the related charges are for tunnel and bridge tolls in England. These charges must be paid in addition to Motorway Toll England.

LocationPrice (GBP)
Aldwark Bridge0,40
Batheaston Bridge 0,80
Clifton Bridge 1
Dartford Crossing2,5
Dunham Bridge 0,40
Eurotunnel (UK – France)101 EUR
Humber Bridge 1,50
Itchen Bridge 0, 80
Kingsland Bridge 0,20
Mersey Gateway Bridge 2
Mersey Silver Jubilee Bridge 2
Mersey Tunnels1,80
Middlesbrough Bridge 1,50
Tamar Bridge 2
Tyne Tunnels1,80
Warburton Bridge 0,12
Whitchurch Bridge 0,60
Whitney Bridge 1

Full information about bridges and tunnels in England can be found here.

Congestion charge UK

In London and Durham, there is a congestion charge that applies to all types of motor vehicles. Its main aim is to further reduce traffic in London and Durham, as congestion and pollution in these two cities are significant.

In London, the toll must be paid every day of the week between 07:00 and 22:00 at a cost of £15.

In Durham, the charge applies Monday to Saturday between 10am and 4pm, costing £2.

A simple option to pay this fee is via AutoPay. You can enter automatically and pay the congestion charge online. The authorities take this very seriously and it is important to avoid fines.

Vehicles over 3.5 T

vignette uk

Vignette UK – HGV tax for highway

For lorries over 12 tonnes, an additional charge applies, in addition to the Bridge and Tunnel Charge, Motorway Toll, London Congestion Charge and Durham Congestion Charge.

The toll price for HGVs is calculated using a complex algorithm, taking into account vehicle type, weight and axle configuration, as well as the Euro emission class.

Prices vary by payment period, ranging from £1.53 to £10 for a day, £3.83 to £49.80 for a week and £7.67 to £99.60 for a month.

Detailed information on prices for heavy vehicles can be found here.

Other road taxes UK

As with vehicles under 3.5T, you must pay tolls for tunnels and bridges in England. At the same time, you will have to pay a congestion charge if you drive in London (£15, every day between 7am and 10pm) or Durham (£2, Monday to Saturday between 10am and 4pm: 00).

To see the full list of prices for tunnels and bridges in England, check the first section of vehicles under 3.5 T.

Be very careful about these aspects and make sure you pay all the necessary taxes when shipping to England, fines are high and best to avoid.


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