Luxembourg vignette
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Vehicles under 12 T

One of the outstanding advantages of traveling in Luxembourg with a small car is that there is no need to purchase a vignette Luxembourg or other road taxes. Thus, you can travel for free on the country’s roads and highways with your car.

This lack of road taxes in Luxembourg is considered a significant benefit for travelers as it eliminates the additional costs and hassles of purchasing vignettes online or in person. Thus, you can explore Luxembourg at will, without worrying about paying for traffic on the country’s roads.

Vignette Luxembourg

Vehicles over 12 T

Vignette Luxembourg trucks

If you drive a heavy vehicle weighing 12 tonnes or more on Luxembourg’s roads and motorways, you will be required to purchase a vignette Luxembourg, also known as a Eurovignette. This tax can be purchased online, giving you access to travel on the country’s road network.

It is important to note that there is an exception to charging the vignette Luxembourg for passenger vehicles under the 12-tonne weight limit, such as coaches and buses. These vehicles are not subject to the purchase of a vignette in order to drive in Luxembourg.

If you need additional information on how to purchase a vignette Luxembourg, continue reading this article to learn everything you need to know about the process of purchasing a vignette and the rules of the road in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg vignette online

To quickly and easily purchase a vignette Luxembourg, you can opt for the online method available on This process is extremely simple and the purchase time is very short.

Before filling in the information on the website, make sure you have the following data at hand:

  • the country where your vehicle is registered;
  • the registration number as it appears on the registration certificate, including all spaces;
  • the number of axles of the vehicle;
  • the pollution class of the vehicle.

You can choose the validity period of the vignette, having the option to choose between a minimum of one day and a maximum of one year.

It is important to be careful and receive the payment confirmation for the Luxembourg vignette to ensure that the payment has been recorded correctly and to avoid any further problems.

Note that payment is made in euros, so make sure you have the necessary availability to purchase the vignette.

Vignette Luxembourg at sales points

If you didn’t have time to purchase a vignette Luxembourg online or you prefer to pay it physically, you can do so upon entering the country, at the specially set-up customs points.

An important advantage of this option is that you can purchase the vignette directly upon entering the country, without having to buy it online or find out in advance about the taxes applied in Luxembourg.

However, it is recommended to inform yourself ahead of time about the tolls you have to pay for each country in which you are going to drive, so as to avoid any inconvenience or problems on the road.

You can find the list of all sales points available in Luxembourg here, so you can purchase the vignette directly on the spot.

Vignette Luxembourg

Luxembourg vignette price

The costs for purchasing the Luxembourg vignette vary according to several criteria, including:

  1. Number of vehicle axles;
  2. The validity period of the vignette;
  3. Vehicle pollution class.

The prices for the vignette Luxembourg can be different for different types of vehicles, and the validity can be for a day, a week, a month or even a year.

For example, for EURO 0 vehicles with 4 axles, the price for a vignette valid for one month is 62 Euros.

For the one-year validity, prices start from 750 Euro for vehicles with EURO 6, with 1-3 axles, and can reach up to 2400 Euro for vehicles with EURO 0 and at least 4 axles.

For a vignette valid between one and 3 days, the price is 12 euros for any type of vehicle.

If you have a return route through Luxembourg, you must pay attention to the period for which you purchase the vignette, so that it covers the entire trip in the country.

After you purchase your vignette Luxembourg, your car will be registered in an electronic database for the entire validity period you have chosen.

The vignette Luxembourg can be purchased for a period of validity of at least one day and up to one year. You can purchase the vignette at any time before you set off.

An important aspect to consider is that the vignette Luxembourg cannot be bought retroactively. Therefore, you must ensure that you have purchased the vignette before entering Luxembourg’s roads and motorways to avoid penalties and fines.

Fine for Luxembourg vignette

In Luxembourg, the fine for non-payment of the vignette Luxembourg must be paid on the spot if the authorities find that the vehicle is driving without a valid vignette.

To check compliance with the vignette obligation, the authorities use mobile cameras in the field and carry out checks on the country’s roads and highways. The police can also carry out regular checks to ensure compliance with road tax laws.

It is important that drivers driving in Luxembourg ensure that they have purchased the correct vignette for their vehicle and that it is valid for the period of time they will be driving on the country’s roads to avoid fines and potential problems.


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