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Vehicles under 3.5 T

How do I check if I need an austrian vignette?

If you have planned to visit or transit Austria in the near future or are considering a transport in this country, it is recommended to check in advance whether your route includes road segments with tolls, in order to buy an Austrian vignette.

To check the roads that require an Austria toll, that do not have tolls or that require a motorway toll, go here. It is important to do this before you set off so that you can take these costs into account and ensure that you pay all the taxes required by the Austrian authorities.

The map below shows the sections on which tolls must be paid in Austria.

  • You will need a vignette on the motorways and expressways marked in orange.
  • On the sections marked in green, you must pay a special section toll.
austrian vignette

The Austrian vignette is not required for trailers, mobile homes or motorcycle trailers.

Austrian vignette in the country

You have more than 1,316 physical points of sale in Austria where you can purchase Austria toll vignettes or Go-Boxes. There are also more than 120 sales points in other countries as well, such as the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

To access a full list of the places from where you can buy Austria toll and to view a map of these locations, go here.

Austria vignette online

Buying an Austria vignette online can be simpler than looking for a gas station or a physical point of sale.

However, it is important to know that in the case of online purchase of the austrian vignette, you must do so at least 18 days before you arrive in Austria. This is because European law allows the cancellation of any online purchase within 14 days, and Austria complies with this provision.

To purchase the vignette online for Austria (valid for vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes), you can follow the following steps:

  1. Acces the website;
  2. Select the type of vehicle: car / motorcycle;
  3. Choose the type of vignette you want (10 days, 2 months, 1 year);
  4. Complete the fields with information about the country of registration, the registration number and the start date of the vignette’s validity;
  5. Enter your email address to receive payment confirmation;
  6. Select the payment method and make the payment for the Austria vignette;

You can also use the free ASFINAG app available for iOS and Android devices as an alternative to purchase the Austria vignette.

These online methods are convenient and easy to use to obtain the necessary vignette before traveling to Austria.

Digital vignette Austria

The digital vignette Austria must be purchased when driving on certain sections of the Austrian highway network where a toll is mandatory.

This digital toll applies strictly to the following 6 sections of motorways in Austria:

  1. A9 Pyhrn motorway: between Spital/Pyhrn junction and Adning junction (Bosruck tunnel) as well as between St. Michael and Übelbach (Gleinalm tunnel).
  2. A10 Tauern motorway: between Flachau junction and Rennweg junction (Tauern and Katschberg tunnel).
  3. A11 Karawanken motorway: between junction St. Jakob im Rosental and the state border in the Karawanken tunnel.
  4. A13 Brenner motorway: tolls Austria apply on the entire A13 motorway.
  5. S16 Arlberg expressway: between junction St. Anton am Arlberg and the junction Langen am Arlberg.

It is important to note that if you have already paid the digital vignette Austria for one of these 6 sections, it will no longer be necessary to purchase the aforementioned digital vignette.

Digital vignette Austria for the 6 special motorway sections:

Highway1 trip2 tripsannual card
A 13 Brenner Highway10.50 EUR21.00 EUR111.00 EUR
A 10 Tauern Highway13.00 EUR26.00 EUR116.50 EUR
S 16 Arlberg express way11.00 EUR22.00 EUR111.00 EUR
A 11 Karawanken Highway7.60 EUR
A 9 Pyhrn Highway16.00 EUR32.00 EUR111.00 EUR
FlexAll the highwaysAll the highwaysall the highways

Flex – All the highways, later pay.

The FLEX Digital vignette Austria service allows you to travel smoothly on various sections of the Austrian motorway network, giving you the opportunity to pass quickly and without cash at the motorway toll stations managed by the ASFINAG company. For more information about this service, you can access the page here.

Austria vignette price

Austrian vignette for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes:

  • Austrian vignette 10 days: 9.90 euro
  • Austrian vignette 2 months: 29.00 euro
  • Austrian vignette 1 year: 96.40 euro, valadity until 31.01 of the next year

Austrian vignette for motorcycles:

  • Austrian vignette 10 days: 5.60 euro
  • Austrian vignette 2 months: 14.10 euro
  • Austrian vignette 1 year: 37.20 euro

A 13 Brenner Highway:

  • 1 trip – 10.50 euro
  • 2 trips– 21.00 euro
  • Annual card – 111.00 euro

Autostrada A 10 Highway:

  • 1 trip– 13.00 euro
  • 2 trips– 26.00 euro
  • Annual card – 116.50 euro

S 16 Arlberg Express way:

  • 1 trips – 11.00 euro
  • 2 trips – 22.00 euro
  • Annual card – 111.00 euro

A 11 Karawanken Highway:

  • 1 trip – 7.60 euro

A 9 Pyhrn Highway:

  • 1 trip– 16.00 euro
  • 2 trips – 32.00 euro
  • Annual card – 111.00 euro
austrian vignette

Fine for non-payment of Austrian vignette

To ensure that the austrian vignette is valid and visible, when you purchase a physical vignette, you must stick it in a visible place. In the case of cars, it is recommended to stick the vignette on the lower left side of the windshield or behind the rearview mirror. The same recommendation applies to motorcycles.

It is important to note that the vignette changes color every year, so it is easy for the authorities to see whether or not you have a valid vignette.

If you are on Austrian motorways without a valid vignette, the fine is €120 for cars (€65 for motorbikes) if you choose to pay on the spot.

If the vignette is not affixed properly or is not visible, the fine is 240 EUR.

If you refuse to pay the fine on the spot, the fine following court proceedings can vary between €300 and €3,000.

Vehicles over 3.5 T

GO-Box charging device

All vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of more than 3.5 tonnes must pay a mileage-based “GO” tax when driving on Austria’s motorways and expressways.

If you are traveling in Austria with a truck, bus or caravan, it is important to know that this Austria toll can only be paid using the GO-Box equipment, which must be installed on the vehicle’s windscreen.

The GO-Box is the only official equipment recognized by the Austrian authorities through which carriers can pay Austria toll.

To get the GO-Box, you can pick it up at any of the more than 175 GO sales points in Austria. It’s important to make sure you have a valid and activated GO-Box before you drive on Austrian motorways and expressways to avoid fines and problems.

How to pay austrian vignette?

To pay the road tax in Austria, drivers have two options:

  1. Post-pay variant (retroactive payment): This option involves the use of the local GO-Box device. The road tax is paid retroactively, i.e. after you have used the motorways and expressways in Austria. The GO-Box device is installed in the vehicle and automatically records the distances traveled. Afterwards, you will receive an invoice based on the distance travelled, and you will be responsible for paying it.
  2. The pre-pay option (payment in advance): This option requires the exclusive use of the local ASFINAG GO-Box device. In this variant, you must pre-load the device with an amount of money corresponding to the road tax. As you drive on Austrian motorways and expressways, this amount will be automatically deducted from the initial charge.

Both options involve the use of the GO-Box, but the difference lies in the time of payment – either retroactively or in advance. It is important to choose the option that best suits your needs and to ensure that you have a valid and properly charged GO-Box before traveling on Austrian roads.

Austria vignette price

To calculate the exact prices for your chosen route, go here.

vinietă Austria

Vignette Austria 2024

GO-Box machines can be obtained from any GO distribution point. You can consult the list and map of distribution points here to find the nearest point.

It is important to declare and validate the emission class within 28 days of purchasing the GO-Box. For this, the copy of the registration card and the copy of the CEMT must be sent to Asfinag.

It is necessary to comply with this deadline, because otherwise you risk receiving a minimum fine of 240 euros.

The post-pay payment method can be made with a device installed by the driver. It can be obtained from any GO-Maut distribution point, and the issuing cost is 5 euros.

The pre-pay payment method is recommended for carriers who travel occasionally. Drivers can purchase and load the machines with credit using the fuel card.

The device can be loaded with a minimum amount of 75.00 euros, and the maximum balance can reach up to 500 euros (including VAT).

For additional information and details, we invite you to visit the GO-Maut website here.

Fine Austrian vignette for non-payment via GO-Box

If the charging device (GO-Box) is not installed on board the car or the funds associated with the account are insufficient, the fine is 240 EUR.

However, for a GO-Box machine with insufficient funds, you get a term of 5 hours or 100 km to load the amount needed to pay the Austria vignette.

If you refuse to pay the fine on the spot and the situation ends up in court proceedings, the fine can vary between €300 and €3,000, depending on the court’s decisions.


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