HGS Turkey
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Vehicles under 3.5 T

HGS Turkey System

In Turkey, you will use the HGS Turkey sticker or toll transponder to pay the Turkish vignette toll on the highways. The HGS Turkey sticker is applied to the windshield, behind the rearview mirror, at a distance of 5-10 cm from the upper edge of the windshield. When entering or exiting the motorway, it is necessary to reduce the speed to 30 km/h to allow the system to read the sticker chip and the car’s registration number.

The HGS Turkey sticker can be purchased at Post Office (PTT) counters, Shell stations, special motorway entrance counters and certain bank offices. The cost of the sticker varies between 5 and 15 Turkish Lira, depending on the transferable or non-transferable option. When buying, you will need to present your passport and car registration number and fill in a form with your name, passport number and car registration number.

The minimum HGS Turkey sticker loading amount is 30 Turkish Liras. Payment is usually made in cash only. Along with the HGS Turkey sticker, you will receive a cardboard slip that will be used to top it up.

HGS Turkey

Vehicle categories for HGS Turkey

In Turkey, you have the possibility to pay the tolls Turkey for using the highways for a maximum period of 11 days after driving the highway.

Turkish highway toll are variable and apply depending on the category of vehicle you own. These categories are classified in the Turkish system as follows:

category 1Vehicles with two axles with the space between the axles less than 3.20 m: cars, motorcycles; vans, vans and minibuses that have a wheelbase of less than 3.20 m
category 2Any 2-axle vehicle with a wheelbase greater than 3.20m: vans, pick-up jeeps, ambulances and hearses, minibuses, buses and trucks
category 3Any vehicle with 3 axles: Buses, trucks, trailers; classes 1 and 2 with an extra axle
category 4Any vehicle with 4 and 5 axles: Buses, trucks and trailers; class 1 with 2 extra axles, class 2 with 2 extra axles
category 5Vehicles with 6 or more axles
HGS Turkey

Turkey highway toll prices

The price of the Turkey vignette for crossing Turkish highways differs depending on the distance traveled and the category of vehicle you own.

Payment is made exclusively in Turkish lira or euros.

You can constantly check more details and a full list with prices by visiting this site.

Other taxes for tolls Turkey – besides HGS Turkey

Particularly important to note is that at the Bosphorus Strait, which connects Asia to Europe, there is a toll in Turkey for crossing the Bosphorus Bridge or the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. The indicative prices for the toll, depending on the vehicle category, are as follows:

  • Category 1: 4.25 TRY
  • Category 2: 5.5 TRY
  • Category 3: 10.25 TRY
  • Category 4: 26 TRY
  • Category 5: 32.25 TRY

It is important to note that the bridge toll (for both bridges) is only applied for the Europe-Asia direction. On the other hand, the crossing from the Asia-Europe direction is free, without the need to pay the bridge toll. Thus, if you travel from Europe to Asia on these bridges, you must take into account the costs corresponding to the category of your vehicle.

HGS Turkey

Fine for the HGS Turkey

Driving a vehicle on Turkish highways without having a HGS Turkey is considered illegal and can attract severe fines. To ensure compliance with this rule, vignette control mechanisms are in place, including electronic vignette readers at highway barriers and police checks.

When entering the highway, it is mandatory to drive at a maximum speed of 30 km/h, so that the electronic readers can read the HGS Turkey chip and the vehicle registration number.

If the Turkey vignette is not valid or missing, the fine can be very high, it can reach up to 11 times the initial amount that had to be paid for the vignette.

Vehicles over 3.5 T

And vehicles with a maximum authorized mass of more than 3.5 T have the same rules as in the case of small vehicles.

The entire HGS Turkey system applies, so to find out all the details you need, go to the first section of this article and drive worry-free in Turkey.


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